Local Environment Plans

Local Environment Plans

Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) are statutory documents that guide planning decisions and manage the way land is used within a local government area. Through zoning and planning controls, LEPs are used to reserve land for open space, schools, transport or other public purpose as well as guide development and protect the environment. An LEP generally comprises of a written instrument and accompanying maps. 

Prior to the introduction of Local Environmental Plans, Interim Development Orders were used for the same purpose.   

The Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010 is now in force and applies to most of the City. It replaces most of the existing Local Environmental Plans and Interim Development Orders applied to Penrith, along with the Penrith Planning Scheme.  

The first stage of the Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010 was published in 2010 and applied to Penrith's rural and industrial areas and St Marys Town Centre. The second stage of the Penrith LEP was published on 28 January 2015 and came into effect on 25 February 2015 to set planning controls for much of the areas not covered by Stage 1 of Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010, including the City's residential and commercial areas. 

Some areas of the City are not covered by Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010 - these areas are covered by the Local Environmental Plans or State Environmental Planning Policies below.

The Penrith LEP 2010 is divided into 21 map tiles. To check which tile your suburb or property is on, you can download the Penrith LEP 2010 suburb map to identify which map tile your property is in when viewing the Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010 maps. 

A number of other environmental planning instruments apply to Penrith City which are listed below. You can view the areas the instruments apply to in the Environmental Planning Instruments in Force Map

Interim Development Orders and Local Environmental Plans that apply:

State Environmental Planning Policies that apply:

NSW Planning and Environment provides an online NSW Planning Portal application with access to map layers in local environmental plans, including land use zones. 

The following Local Environmental Plans and Interim Development Orders have been repealed and no longer apply to new development: