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Our Place focuses on what’s unique about living in Penrith: our enviable lifestyle, excellent sporting and recreation facilities, green open spaces, vibrant local events and the many local opportunities for families to learn, grow and exercise.

Our Place champions what makes our City different, and helps residents feel more connected, regardless of what stage of life or what part of Penrith you are in.

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Showcasing Our WestInvest Projects

01 June 2023

Council has secured a combined $180 million in funding through the NSW Government’s $5 billion WestInvest program for transformational projects which will ensure our City continues to be the best place to live, work, and play for current and future generations.

Castlereagh Hall: A Much-Loved Wedding Venue and Community Space

01 June 2023

Castlereagh Hall is a historical gem, built in 1895 as the original Castlereagh Council Chambers. You may have seen it along the Penrith Valley Heritage Drive. 

Today’s Coffee Will Pave Tomorrow’s Roads

01 June 2023

The takeaway coffee cup that you had your coffee in this morning could be in the road you drive on tomorrow, under a revolutionary Australian-first recycling project for sustainable road surfaces. 

Boost to Local Employment Opportunities

14 June 2022

Penrith’s proposed new industrial employment hub is one step closer, with the Development Application (DA) formally submitted for assessment in April 2022.

Where Does Your FOGO Go?

14 June 2022

Have you ever wondered what happens to the scraps you put in your green-lidded FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) bin?

Our Penrith Heritage Walk

14 June 2022

Penrith Regional Gallery is just one of the stops on the Penrith Heritage Walk. 

David Currie Playspace

16 March 2022

Residents will soon be able to enjoy a new inclusive playspace at Banks Drive Reserve, St Clair, named to honour the late David Currie, a passionate disability advocate who made a significant contribution to our local community. 

Caring for Our Creatures

16 March 2022

Penrith City Council’s Bushcare team have celebrated an exciting first — partnering with a local wildlife carer to return four ringtail possum joeys to the wild.

Our Sustainability Success

16 March 2022

Penrith City has developed a reputation for being at the forefront of innovative sustainability efforts, the unofficial title of “sustainability champion of the west”, well within our sights. Taking a look at just a little of what’s happening in this area in our City, it’s safe to say Penrith is doing its part to protect our future.

Four Exciting New Creative Projects Set to Begin

10 October 2021

Magnetic Places is an arts initiative of Penrith City Council’s Neighbourhood Renewal Program that enables Penrith residents to contribute their energy and imagination to transform public spaces.

Upgrades for Athletes and Foodies

10 October 2021

Construction has begun on the Harold Corr Athletics Track Upgrade, a $5 million project which will see the existing field in Herbert St, Cambridge Park, become an improved training facility for the region’s sporting clubs and offer a prime location for athletics events.

Learn to Swim Programs Are Back

10 October 2021

Now is the time to take advantage of the community facilities on offer, whether it be to increase your fitness, improve your skills, or just to cool off and have some fun! Ripples Leisure Centres operate according to COVIDsafe practices, check out ripplesnsw.com.au to learn more.

Envisioning Our Future City of Parks

09 March 2020

Breaking away from the concrete jungles of the Inner City, Penrith will become one of the most liveable places in Metropolitan Sydney and beyond.

From your kitchen to our City's parks

09 March 2020

Many of us don’t know, but the Penrith area has one of the most sustainable, forward-thinking waste systems in NSW. Only a handful of local Councils offer it across the state, and Penrith is the only one in the Sydney Metropolitan area. It’s called Food Organics and Garden Organics, or FOGO for short.

How Our Community is Helping the Bush to Recover

09 March 2020

We’ve all heard the crushing number – one billion native animals killed and over 15 million acres of habitat lost in the horror of last summer’s bushfires. But as fierce as that loss was, the response has been just as powerful: these are stories of some local heroes, and how you can help.