City Activation

City Activation

Events are woven into the cultural fabric of Penrith and will be integral in the City’s growth over the next five years.

Game changing developments in Western Sydney are fuelling a once-in-a-generation transformation of the City, and Penrith is set to grow and shine as a host of major and iconic regional events and supporter of community events.

Council’s award-winning strategy looks at bringing the night economy to life. We are a vibrant, growing City.

View the Night Time Economy Strategy here.

Penrith is open to new ideas, new people and new ways of doing things. We want to work with partners to grow the City’s economy, attract investment and create jobs. We want to achieve remarkable outcomes for our City.

A night time (or evening) economy is driven by businesses that offer dining or entertainment activities after sunset, and an evening economy is an important element in the revitalisation of the Penrith City Centre.

The vision for Penrith City’s night-time economy is to be safe, diverse and busy. It includes:

  • Linked precincts
  • Large and small spaces
  • Indoor and outdoor fun
  • Range of activities
  • Suitable for the whole community
  • Active at different times of the night.

Penrith has many strengths, such as the diverse businesses, leisure and recreation assets and the diverse urban landscape, which lend themselves to building a strong night time economy. The Strategy aims to build on these strengths, as well as:

  • Create an environment to support a diverse range of activities and attractions;
  • Create more opportunities for growth;
  • Create a living City; and
  • Show that Penrith is an active, bustling City.

Read more on the Night Time Economy Actions here.

With world-class venues, access to public transport and the majestic Blue Mountains as our backdrop it’s easy to see why Penrith has become a popular choice for music, sport, culture and community events.

Penrith City Council values the positive impact events have, and we are proactive in attracting and securing events for the City and making the process of holding an event in Penrith as easy as possible.

Council works closely with event organisers every step of the way and can provide support via; providing sponsorship, promoting the event to media and the local community and liaising with key contacts and departments within Council who can help with event logistics.

With our unique range of venues and great location, Penrith - Sydney's Adventure Capital - is an ideal place to hold your next event.

Find out more in the Events Prospectus


Penrith is home to world-class sporting venues, several large stadiums, a performing arts centre and local attractions with meeting and conference facilities. Penrith also has plenty of outdoor space to cater for large events, small events and everything in between.

Outdoor Areas and Recreation Parks

There are more than 1,200 hectares of open space in Penrith which includes parks, sporting fields and reserves. Many of these parks and reserves are located on the banks of the Nepean River and their picturesque outlook is enhanced by the backdrop of the Blue Mountains. Most of these areas are also equipped with accessible toilet facilities, making them the perfect place for busy outdoor events such as markets and festivals.

Function Centres

Penrith has a range of function venues for all occasions large or small.

Apply for Sponsorship

Council offers support for various events each year.

Read our Sponsorship Guidelines for Community Events and Sponsorship Guidelines for Major Events.

Apply for sponsorship for your event;

Application for sponsorship for a community event (up to $1,000)

Application for sponsorship for a major event