Did you know?

  • Volunteering Australia’s "State of Volunteering in Australia" report found that 93% of volunteers saw positive outcomes as a direct result of their voluntary participation.
  • Volunteering plays a vital role in the development of social cohesion and social connection – both of which help alleviate loneliness.
  • Volunteering provides a pathway to employment through the development of skills, networks and values which are increasingly sought after in professional environments.
  • Volunteering provides an outlet for the exploration and development of personal interests outside of the workplace.

Why volunteer with Council?

Many Council projects and programs that benefit the community would not be possible without the involvement of our exceptional community volunteers. Their support makes many services possible, and helps us maintain very strong community networks. You can join this exceptional group and help others by volunteering occasionally, weekly or monthly.

What do Council volunteers do?

Areas where volunteers work with Council include:


Council has a number of Bushcare events and activities to help protect fragile bushland, preserve natural flora and fauna, and remove weeds that can harm our environment. No prior knowledge is needed, and all training and equipment are provided. Register here https://yoursaypenrith.com.au/bushcarevolunteers or find out more information here https://www.penrithcity.nsw.gov.au/waste-environment/environment/bushland/bushcare-volunteering 

Children's services

Council operates a number of childcare centres including long day care, preschool, occasional care, before and after school care and vacation care. There are opportunities for people to volunteer in the childcare centres in a number of ways, for example, reading, doing art and craft, assisting the children in gardening. For more information, contact Cassandra Pignataro on4732 8174 or email 

Community access bus drivers

Council operates 2 community access buses for use by non-profit community organisations, transporting people living in Penrith City. These are a 21 seater automatic Toyota Coaster (seats 20 passengers plus driver) and a wheelchair accessible manual Toyota Coaster (seats 14 plus 2 wheelchair passengers and the driver).
For more details call Catherine Eslick, Community Bus Coordinator, on 4732 8604.

I want to volunteer! What next?

If you know your availability and want to volunteer in one of the areas mentioned, contact the relevant staff contact listed above or submit the form below.

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Useful links

For other local volunteering opportunities visit Nepean Volunteer Services Inc or Rowing Down Under.