Empowering Penrith

Empowering Penrith

About the video series

Penrith City Council has created a new online video series titled Empowering Penrith to provide residents with hints and tips on how to reduce their energy consumption at home. The seven-part video series covers a range of useful and important topics to empower residents to upskill and update themselves with the latest energy-saving information and technologies.

Each video covers a different topic:

1. Solar power

2. Standby power

3. Understand your energy bills

4. Heating and cooling

5. Insulation and sealing

6. Hot water

7. House batteries

While each video is different, the desired outcome is the same. A few small, simple changes around the home can make a big difference to your bank balance, with the added incentive of helping the planet at the same time.

How to watch the videos

The videos can be viewed on Council’s YouTube channel. Simply head to YouTube and look for the Empowering Penrith playlist or click on the individual video link below.

Solar power

Use the sun to power your home, and save money at the same time.

Find an accredited retailer here: cleanenergycouncil.org.au/

Standby power Find out how you can save 10-15% off your energy bill with one simple switch.
Understand your energy bill

Find out how you easily can negotiate a better electricity and gas contract with your current provider.

Compare and save here: energymadeeasy.gov.au 

Heating and cooling The key to a comfortable home is heating and cooling, so find out how to do it right.
Insulation and sealing A simple fix for ensuring all the nice cool or warm air stays inside your home where it belongs.
Hot water Find out why an efficient hot water system is your first step to saving real money.
House batteries

Find out why a buying a battery for your solar system is a good investment.

Download the NSW Home Solar Battery Guide at: energysaver.nsw.gov.au