Collect and Return Waste Service

Collect and Return Waste Service

The Collect and Return Service is offered to most large multi-unit complexes. Those on this service keep their bins in a bin storage area for the shared use of all residents.

For more information about waste and resource recovery services available, download our Waste and Resource Recovery Guide:

Bin Collection Frequency 

  • Red-lidded residual bins are emptied twice weekly
  • Yellow-lidded recycling bins are emptied weekly by our contractors directly from the bin storage area.

Correct presentation and use of bins

  • Residents are not required to place their bins at the kerbside
  • Keep all bins in the bin storage area at all times
  • Place all waste inside the correct bins provided (see ‘sorting information’ below for more information on what items belong in each bin)

Please note: waste left on the floor of the bay will not be collected

Sorting information 

The yellow-lidded recycling bin

The recyclable items from the recycling bin get separated into different types of materials and are remade into new products, Council even uses the glass collected in these bins to make roads!

Yellow Lidded Recycling Bin

What can I put in the yellow-lidded recycling bin?

  • Please follow these simple recycling steps: "Know it", "Empty it", "Rinse it", "Sort it"! Know what can be recycled, empty contents out, rinse containers and bottles, and sort it in the correct bin.
  • To reduce size and bulk, items such as cardboard and drink containers can be squashed or crushed before being placed in the bin.
  • Please do not use plastic bags in this bin as they cannot be recycled at the facility.


BooksJunk mailPlastic bottles/tubs and jars
Bottles and jars (plastic or glass)Laundry detergent bottlesPoppers
Cardboard boxes and rollsMagazinesShampoo and conditioner bottles
Cereal boxesMargarine tubsSteel and tin cans
Coffee cansMilk bottles/cartonsTake-away containers
Computer paperMotor oil containers (empty and clean)Tetrapaks/poppers
Cosmetic jarsNewspapersToilet roll and cardboard tubes
Cream cheese tubsOffice paperWine/beer bottles
Drink cans/bottlesOil containers (empty and clean)Wrapping paper
EnvelopesPaint cans (empty and clean)Yoghurt containers
Food cansPet food cans Pizza boxes
Glass bottles and jarsPhone books 


Please visit The Waste Spot, Council's online destination for all of your waste-related requests.

The red-lidded residual bin

Red Lidded Residual Bin

The red-lidded residual bin is for any items that are not suitable for the recycling or FOGO bins and are buried at landfill and not reused or recycled. There are many environmental impacts of waste going to landfill and it is the most expensive way to dispose of waste.

What can I put in the red-lidded residual bin?

  • To get the most use out of your residual bin, ensure the only items being placed in this bin are items that cannot be placed in the other bins, booked in as part of a bulky waste collection, given away or sold.

  • Recyclable items often take up a lot of space in the residual bin and it is recommended that these items be sorted into the respective yellow-lidded recycling bin

 Animal droppings   Bandaids/dressings Batteries (household)Bones
Branches (broken up) Bread, cereals, grains, nuts and seeds Bread bags/tags Candles
Cassette tapes/Videos/CDs/DVDsCeramicsCereal box plastic insertsCereal slops
Chewing gum/bubble gumChicken bones, skins and scrapsClothes/textiles and shoesCoffee grounds
Cooking oils/fats (frozen)Crockery and cutleryDairy productsDisposable nappies
Drinking glassesEgg shellsFish and bonesFlowers
Foam boxes and underlayFoil sachets and bagsFood leftovers and scrapsFruit and vegetable scraps
Garden hoseGarden trimmings and pruningsGrass cuttingsHair and fur
Hygiene productsKitty litterLeavesLightbulbs
Lolly/sweet/chocolate wrappersMeatMeat trays and plastic wrapPalm fronds and nuts
Paper napkinsPaper towelsPens/pencils/crayon/textasPersonal hygiene products
Pet food sachetsPlant cuttingsPlastic bagsPlastic wrap
Polystyrene cups and packagingPotato chip and snack bagsPyrexShellfish waste
Supermarket ‘green’ bagsTea bags and tea leavesTissuesToothbrushes

Toothpaste tubes

ToysTreated timberVacuum cleaner dust
Waxed paper/cardboardWeedsWindow glass/mirrors

Wood (less than 30cm in length)

Please visit The Waste Spot, Council's online destination for all of your waste-related requests.

Additional services available

4 free Bulky Waste Collections per year

Every household on the Collect & Return Service has four free clean-ups per calendar year. These clean-ups are not scheduled per suburb but are an on-request service. 

You can dispose of items such as old furniture, mattresses, clothing and small items.  Book a clean-up by visiting The Waste Spot, Council's online destination. For more information, see   Bulky Waste or visit The Waste Spot.

Chemical Drop-Off Days

Council hosts free chemical drop-off days at Jamison Park in Penrith. 

Pack old household cleaners and chemicals, pool chemicals, gas bottles and oils in the boot of your car. The friendly staff will unload for you and the items collected will be disposed of safely and correctly. For more information, including the next drop-off day, see Chemical Drop-Off Days page.

E-Waste Drop-Off Days

Council holds free e-waste drop-off days at Jamison Park in Penrith.  

Pack old televisions, computers, microwaves, stereos and other electronic waste in your car or trailer. The friendly staff will unload for you and the items collected will be recycled. All items dropped off are disassembled, sorted and recovered for recycling into new products. 

For more information, including the next drop-off day, visit our Electronic Waste Drop-Off Days  page.

Free Bin Repairs 

If one of your complex's bins is broken, cracked or missing a lid, you can organise a free repair by visiting The Waste Spot