One community, Many abilities

Join us in celebrating the diverse abilities of all individuals in Penrith!

Our community thrives when everyone is given the chance to share their talents and skills. Here’s your opportunity to discover more about the lives of people living with disability and the wonderful diversity they bring to our City. 

Let’s make Penrith a place where EVERYONE is celebrated.

Julian's Story

Julian, a talented architectural designer, finds joy in not only designing structures but also showcasing his athletic prowess through powerchair football in his leisure time, revealing his passion for sports.

Among his many achievements, he fondly recalls the creation of a stunning light installation at Vivid Sydney, a testament to his creativity and vision.

Julian lives with Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia and relying on a mobility wheelchair, his determination knows no bounds. Currently, he channels his architectural expertise into running a thriving 3D printing business, where innovation meets his entrepreneurial spirit, pushing boundaries and inspiring others along the way.

Lauren's Story

Lauren gracefully balances being a busy mother of three boys with two part-time roles that she deeply cherishes: deaf sports and helping members of the community as a support worker.

One of her sons has a mild intellectual disability, while another is unilaterally deaf, highlighting the importance of awareness and understanding of different abilities.

Reflecting on her bustling routine, Lauren shares that her name in sign language ironically means 'late' which often rings true as her kids occasionally miss the school bus, due to her delay in getting them ready for the day.

As a deaf person, Lauren advocates for greater inclusivity and emphasises the significance of attitudes towards individuals with disabilities, underscoring her commitment to fostering a more inclusive society.

Madeleine's Story

For Madeleine, a normal day involves juggling many roles: a general manager, radio show host, homeschooling parent, celebrant, board member, theatre maker, and the visionary founder of a theatre company tailored specifically for neurodivergent individuals.

Madeleine, who identifies as being on the autism spectrum and having ADHD, hopes for broader community recognition that appearances can be deceiving, especially when living with a hidden disability where internal struggles often remain unseen.

Madeleine is driven not just by personal ambition but also by a desire for her neurodivergent child to feel empowered.

Jesse's Story

Jesse, a passionate wheelchair rugby league player with aspirations of becoming a personal trainer, finds joy in the gym and being outdoors with his younger siblings, where they bond over fresh air and exercise by the river. Using a wheelchair, Jesse's resounding message to the world is one of unity and resilience – he firmly believes that despite differences in ability, we are all equals, capable of achieving the same feats.

Jesse demonstrates his remarkable athleticism but also his determination on the field.

Jesse's journey serves as a powerful testament to the boundless spirit and resilience inherent within each person, regardless of physical limitations.

Marley's Story

Marley, a rising star on YouTube and TikTok, proudly serves as a valued employee at Kelly's Kitchen in Penrith Panthers. Alongside his best friend Sean, Marley finds joy in cooking, cherishes time spent with friends, and dreams of one day creating his own movie masterpiece.

Navigating life with Down Syndrome, Marley utilises his growing media platform to uplift and advocate for people living with disabilities, offering support and inspiration to his friends and fans alike.

His dual roles at Kelly's Kitchen and online demonstrate his vibrant engagement within the community. Marley's presence not only enriches the lives of those around him but also serves as a beacon of inclusivity and acceptance.

By embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity, communities can collectively work towards building a more compassionate and supportive environment for all residents, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds. Marley's journey reminds us of the profound impact that individuals like him can have in shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for everyone.

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Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Our Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2022-2026 seeks to address barriers experienced by people living with disability and outlines our priorities until 2026 to support access and inclusion through direct actions, partnerships, and advocacy efforts. The Plan supports people living with disability with opportunities to participate in all areas of community life.

Click here to learn more. Join us in celebrating the diverse abilities of all individuals in Penrith!