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This section of our website will help you to live sustainably. For Council, sustainability is about working to achieve the best outcomes for our communities, our environment, and our economy. To do this, we work with our community to come up with shared goals and we're open and transparent in how we work towards these together. This balance of people, the environment, the economy and governance is known as a 'quadruple bottom line' approach to sustainability.

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Sustainability Initiatives

Find out about Council's sustainability initiatives as well as our plans and policies. 

Households & Community

Find information to help residents and businesses save water, energy and money...

Small Businesses

Find information to help small businesses save water, energy and money...

Schools & Early Learning

Information about sustainable living for children and their families and teachers...

Community Gardens

All you need to know about setting up a community garden...

Beat The Heat

We want to help you beat the heat this summer. Council is committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of its residents, as well as visitors to the region.

Circular Economy

Penrith is transitioning to a circular economy


Penrith City Council partnered with Endeavour Energy to upgrade streetlighting from non-LED lights to LED energy efficient fittings as part of Council’s sustainable practice and energy reduction plans.