Small Businesses

Small Businesses

Saving Energy

Energy prices are rising, so it's a good time to think about how much energy you consume.

The information and links below can help you find new ways to reduce your power use and save money on your electricity bills. There's also information about government rebates, webinars, training modules and support networks that can help.

Discounted energy efficient lighting

Replacing old lights with new energy efficient lights like LEDs can reduce your electricity bill by hundreds of dollars each year. The NSW Government has launched a lighting upgrade offer for small businesses – find out more on their Discounted energy efficient lighting for business page.

Appliance and equipment upgrades

Appliances and equipment with high energy ratings will make your business more energy efficient and help you save money on energy bills. Incentive programs are coming soon – find out more on the NSW Government's Appliance upgrades page.

Resources, courses and webinars

Businesses in NSW can access a range of free online courses, webinars, face-to-face training and energy management advice. To see what's available visit the NSW Government's Power to save website.

Businesses can also access the Sustainability Advantage program offered by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage which help organisations increase their competitiveness and improve bottom lines through better environmental practices.

A range of case studies, online tools and calculators are also available to businesses.

Saving Water

Sydney Water provides information and advice to business customers on how to save water, and the resources and tools that are available to maximise water efficiency.

Leak prevention

Water leaks waste water and cost you money. Find out how to identify and prevent leaks on Sydney Water's Leak prevention page.

Get Ready Business Resources

Is your business prepared for emergencies and natural disasters such as storms, flood, bushfire and heatwaves that may cause damage or interruption to your business?
Being prepared means getting your business back up and running more quickly.

Get Ready Business is a program developed by the NSW Government. A free Toolkit and Guide has been developed to assist you in preparing your business for disasters. To learn more about Get Ready Business download the free Toolkit and Guide.

To assist you to prepare for the unexpected and get ready for disasters download the guide to building a business continuity plan.