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Penrith is one of Australia’s most liveable cities, with growing connectivity to the world.
As the closest city to the new Western Sydney International Airport and the only city connected by rail from day one of operations, Penrith is well positioned to create a positive future for all those who live, work, study and play here.
It’s our nature to welcome new ideas and new people. We are working with business and investors, fostering local jobs and building great places for families.
We are positively connecting Penrith to Australia and the world.
Positively Penrith.

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View the Penrith Economic Development Strategy 2023-2031, and Visitor Economy Strategy 2023-2030.

Investing in Penrith

Join us in building a vibrant, world-class city connected to a diverse range of opportunities for employment, leisure and lifestyle.

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Find out more about how we’re positively connecting Penrith to Australia and the world.

Doing Business in Penrith

We’re building the right infrastructure, with and for our community, to provide limitless opportunities for our people, visitors and investors.

City Activation

Events are woven into the cultural fabric of Penrith and will be integral in the City’s growth over the next five years.

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