Draft Planning Controls

Draft Planning Controls

A Planning Proposal is a request to amend a Local Environmental Plan (LEP). LEPs are legal documents that guide future development through land use zones and development controls.

The following are the Planning Proposals that have been exhibited by Council but not yet finalised.

All submissions received are being considered and will be reported to Council to decide whether to proceed with the Planning Proposal. The Planning Proposal may need to be revised during this process. If Council resolves to proceed with the Planning Proposal, we will work with the Department of Planning and Environment to finalise the Planning Proposal and LEP amendment.

If you made a submission, we'll notify you of the dates of the relevant Council meetings and how to view the information that will be presented to Council at those meetings.

Amendment 4 was made to Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010 on 28 January 2015. This LEP sets out the land use and planning controls for most of the City, including the City’s residential and commercial uses. However, certain areas were deferred from the LEP to enable further community consultation of the post exhibition changes.These areas are broadly:

  • Land in Werrington Business Park, Werrington,
  • Land in French Street, Werrington (known as the Werrington Signals Site),
  • Land in Glossop Street, St Marys (east of Glossop Street and south of Chapel Street),
  • Land in Castlereagh Street, Penrith (in the Hornseywood Conservation Area), and
  • Land required by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) in Claremont Meadows and Orchard Hills.

A Planning Proposal was subsequently prepared to enable the inclusion of the above deferred areas or matters into Penrith LEP 2010. The Planning Proposal was exhibited from 27 July 2015 to 24 August 2015.

At its Ordinary Meeting of 22 August 2016, Council resolved to endorse the Planning Proposal. We have submitted the endorsed Planning Proposal to the Greater Sydney Commission with a request that they make the Plan. 

The Council Report and Planning Proposal can be downloaded below:

Deferred Matters Planning Proposal Council Report
Attachment 1 - Summary of Submissions and Recommendations
Attachment 2 - Discussion Paper
Attachment 3 - Peer Review
Attachment 4 - Post Exhibition Amendments to Planning Proposal
Attachment 5 - Revised Planning Proposal

The Planning Proposal for the Penrith City Park (the Planning Proposal) seeks to rezone the land bound by Station Street, Henry Street, Allen Place and Woodriff Street from B3 Commercial Core to B4 Mixed Use. The proposed rezoning of this land would expand the permissible uses on the site, by making residential uses permissible. The current RE1 Public Recreation zone at the corner of Henry Street and Station Street is proposed to be retained.

The Planning Proposal, amending LEP maps and supporting information was on exhibition from Monday 2 May 2016 to Monday 30 May 2016.

At its Policy Review Committee Meeting of 11 July 2016, Council resolved to endorse the Planning Proposal subject to an independent peer review. We have arranged for this peer review to be undertaken. Following the independent peer review, we will submit the Planning Proposal to the Greater Sydney Commission with a request that it make the Plan. 

The Council Report and Planning Proposal can be downloaded below:

City Park Planning Proposal Council Report
Attachment 1 - Discussion Paper
Attachment 2 - Planning Proposal

Penrith City Council wants to hear your views on a Planning Proposal which seeks to amend Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010 to resolve several policy changes, contemporise certain elements and undertake ‘housekeeping’ changes which are minor in nature. These matters have been consolidated as a single set of proposed changes, known as an ‘Annual Update Amendment’.

The Planning Proposal is the key document in the process for amending local environmental plans. It explains the intended effect of the proposed changes and sets out the justification for the recommended amendment to Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010.

The Planning Proposal is on public exhibition from 15 April 2019 to 27 May 2019, online at yoursaypenrith.com.au and at Council’s Civic Centre, Penrith Library, St Marys Business Office and St Marys Library. Fact sheets and guidance on how to make a submission are also available.

You are invited to review and comment on the proposed changes to the planning controls by making a written submission by 27 May 2019.

Council officers will be available to answer questions on the Planning Proposal during business hours at the Civic Centre Monday to Friday. Alternatively, please contact Joel Carson on 4732 8196 or send an email to .

Penrith City Council is inviting businesses and individuals to comment on its proposed changes to various planning instruments.

Council is proposing to make some changes to Penrith Local Environmental Plan (2010), Penrith Development Control Plan (2014), and a new Development Contributions Plans (various). By making these changes Council can better meet the communities’ vision as well as comply with NSW Government requirements.

Penrith Local Environment Plan 2010 (LEP 2010) changes are intended to align LEP 2010 with the planning priorities set in the Greater Sydney Commission’s Greater Sydney Region Plan – A Metropolis of Three Cities and Western City District Plan and draft Council-led strategies. These amendments form part of a phased approach to the review of LEP 2010.

The proposed amendments to Penrith Development Control Plan 2014 seek to make some minor housekeeping amendments to keep development controls relevant in light of subsequent changes to legislation and policies. The draft includes updated controls relating to adult change facilities, outdoor dining and trading and boarding houses.

A new city-wide contributions plan is also proposed in order to fund and deliver vital infrastructure across our city. Draft Penrith Section 7.12 Development Contributions Plan will apply to non-residential development.

Public exhibition of the plan will run from 1-29 May 2020 via Your Say Penrith with submissions due to Council by 4pm 29 May 2020.

For more information contact Council’s City Planning team on +612 4732 8196.

Council is proposing to change some of the planning controls applying to 2 Tench Avenue, Jamisontown.

A Planning Proposal has been prepared that seeks to make changes to Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010 (LEP 2010) to facilitate the development of an indoor recreation facility on the land.

The site is located within the Riverlink Precinct, with a frontage to Tench Avenue to the west and immediately south of Jamison Road.

The development is envisaged to include the following elements:

  • A 300-metre indoor ski slope
  • Ice Skating rink
  • Ice climbing facilities
  • Rock Climbing facilities
  • Altitude Training
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Food and drink premises

The Planning Proposal has been prepared to amend Penrith LEP 2010 that seeks to:

  • Provide a maximum building height up to 54m on the site, on the condition that a substantial component of the site, is for an indoor ski slope facility.
  • Provide a maximum Floor Space Ratio (FSR) control of 1.2:1 or up to a maximum of 1.45:1 if the development features a hotel component (and if justified).
  • Insert provisions requiring future development of the site to be in accordance with a site-specific Development Control Plan (DCP), providing additional planning and design guidance for the development
  • Insert provisions requiring that the design of the development is prepared by way of a Design Competition
  • Insert a “sunset clause” where these LEP controls will cease to exist three years after the date the LEP amendment is made.

In addition to the Planning Proposal, a draft site-specific DCP has also been prepared for the subject site, which provides additional planning and design guidance for the envisaged future development. The draft DCP is being exhibited alongside the Planning Proposal.    

A draft Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) offer is also being exhibited alongside the Planning Proposal. The draft VPA offer is to provide road improvements required as a result of increased traffic volumes from the proposed development.

To view the Planning Proposal, draft DCP, VPA offer and for further information, including fact sheets and additional information about the public exhibition you can view Council’s Your Say page